If this is your first home or you have planned a major renovation, it is important to look for the best plumbers in your area. To facilitate in your search, find out more about the latest plumbing mechanisms in articles at After the installation comes to the inevitable maintenance aspect that cannot be neglected. To improve efficiency and to increase the longevity of the gadgets, here are few hacks that can be tried at home.

Silence Those Sinks

How often have you encountered a noisy sink that makes a gurgling noise each time you turn on the tap? This is not straight out of a horror flick, but the drowning noise could be due to some obstacles near the pipe.
Tip: Take a foaming spray that you use for birthdays, or take an expanding foam and coat the underside of the sink, close to the crevices. If you have the expertise and the knowledge, you can go ahead and try it yourself. Leave the task to a plumbing expert to avoid mess.

Capture Those Interiors In A Camera

Take pictures of the interior walls, especially the ones that are fitted with pipes. This can come handy in the future when you plan to remodel your home or plan a makeover.

Clear Those Blocked Pores In The Shower

Do you feel your morning shower is not refreshing enough? It could be due to the fact that the pores of the shower head have been clogged with dust or water residue.

Tip: Smear the showerhead with white vinegar and cover it with a plastic cover. Leave it overnight and watch for the miracle to take place.

Identify The Main Water Valve

In case, touch wood, there is an emergency, and you have water gushing out of pipes in your kitchen and bathroom, what do you resort to?
Tip: Know where the main water valve is present so you can turn off the main until help arrives.

Check The Toilet Flush

One of the common areas where you can encounter a leak is flush valve seal. Detecting the leak early can save you trouble and the cost of major plumbing work.

Tip: Take a colored strip of paper and place it inside the toilet tank. Come back after few hours to see if the color has stained the toilet bowl. If yes, you need to call a plumbing expert immediately.

Keep The Main Sewer Clean

Ensure that the main sewer is clean. In case of a blocked pipe, you have to have access to the main drain, and it must be well in sight.

Tip: Avoid covering the access point with carpet or if there are kids at home, take care to see toys are not strewed near the drainage system.

Frozen Pipes

It is normal in winter, to see pipes burst and water freezing. Ensure there is good air circulation in your home, and the exterior plumbing lines are well insulated. If you have a tap outside, drain the water from the garden hose and the valve before you encounter those chilly months.

With these easy ideas, you can take a step to prevent a tiny crack from turning into a major water explosion.

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