One of the most vital aspects of a house are the windows. There are several types of windows, and the kind of windows that are being used have been changing over a period of time. Whether you like bay windows, french windows or even sliding windows, every type of window has its style, function, and purpose. Casement Windows by Imperial are an excellent choice if you are planning to redo your windows. This post gives you an insight into the kinds of windows available in the market.

Some windows may be placed for style, while others are more functional. A drawing room window may look way more stylish than a kitchen window, but ultimately it is the function of the window that is more important.

Materials That Can Be Used For Windows
Windows can be made out of several materials, such as wood, vinyl, glass, aluminum or even wrought iron. Wood has been a traditional choice over several centuries and continued to be a favorite among most people. Over a period, the frame of the window can become worn out, and it may be time to replace it with a new one. If a window is not replaced on time, it can eventually damage the wall and even the foundation of the house.
Latest advancements in technology have also brought a lot of changes in the way windows are made now. Many factors are being taken into accounts, such as saving on the energy costs, and greater resistance to heavy rain, frost, snow, winds, and storms. Weather is a very vital concept when it comes to designing the right windows in the right place with the right kind of material because these windows have to bear the brunt of it all literally.

Choosing The Right Window Frame
Wooden frames for windows always give an elegant look to the house, but they must be maintained well, to keep them from decay or termites. Vinyl-clad windows, on the other hand, are relatively easier to maintain and come in various colors. They are also cheaper. Composite fiberglass windows look a lot more stylish, though they may be a little more expensive than vinyl ones.

When it comes to selecting the right glass for your windows, there is plenty to choose from. Single-paned glass has made way for double and even triple paned glass. The best thing about double and triple paned glass is that they can reduce heat loss, and help you cut down on energy costs, especially if you are living in cold places. These panes also help you shut out noise, mainly if you are living on a busy street that has a lot of traffic.

As far as styles are concerned, there are several styles for windows which include sliding windows, double hung windows, casement windows or even bay windows. Each style is unique, and all you have to do is to decide what you truly want. Pre-hung windows are also available. The one thing you need to look out for is the thickness of your wall, and how the window frame would merge into the walls of your home.

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